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Our air-filled inflatable products help in promotion of product/brand. We create inflatables of all sizes, shapes and colours. Each inflatable presents the original product or item in its true spirit. Our custom inflatables help business to send marketing messages to the targeted customers.

Toycoon Inflatables are available at a competitive pricing, and serve in meeting the advertising goals of businesses. They also meet holistically the branding and promotional needs of businesses. Each inflatable product replica offers the advantages of light weight, easy to fold and carry anywhere options.
Being made of PVC/PU coated nylon fabrics, each air-filled inflatable can be erected at any place within limited timeframes. Each inflatable comes with a kit – cold air fan, ground trap, tether ropes, anchor pegs, electric extension cord, instruction manual and a carry bag. Our inflatables serve as powerful advertising tools prominently displayed at public places, parks, exhibitions, sports events, and trade fairs.

Our Products


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Jumping Castle

Inflatable products have been a big hit with the industry, business and social life of today. When it comes to children and their love for games and entertainment, the jumping castle is a very popular avenue for enjoyment. Jumping castle helps children to jump, roll, somersault and have loads of fun. Jumping castles are of different sizes and shapes, and provide for a wonder world of frivolous activity. Usually available as three categories, Pinecliff, Moon Bounce, and Castle B. Usually displayed at children’ fairs, exhibitions and community festivals, children will love to have a gala time on the jumping castle.

Helium Balloons & Blimps

Toycoon Inflatable produces balloons of all shapes and sizes. Our inflatable balloons are filled with Helium and used during day as well as night conditions. As they are made of durable materials, they do not wear-out easily, and last for longer time. These balloons present marketing messages, leader’s details and meet in total the publicity need of corporate and political parties.

Our helium filled balloons come in different shapes, round, square, lemon, transparent round, and blimp. Some of the popular inflatable balloons that we make include, heart-shaped, round, earth, square balloons. Each inflatable balloon is put on a high pedestal or area, from where it is flown but held by strong strings to the base.

X'mas & Festival Special

Toycoon Inflatables makes Christmas, Seasons and New Year festivals ravishing and elating. We offer a range of Christmas inflatables that come as Santa, Snowman, Reindeer, Christmas Pie, Santa Shoe, and others. Each Christmas inflatable enhances the religious fervor and joy of the festival. Customers can add more mirth and joy to their Seasons, Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Customers can ask for strong customization of Christmas and Seasons inflatables. We will design and produce Christmas and seasons inflatables, and provide for on-time door delivery. We wish Merry Christmas to all our clients, customers and patrons, who have been with us for the last one decade.

For all other festivals, Diwali, Dasara, Ugadi, Sankranti and Id, we offer end-to-end support on the production of custom inflatable products. Orders should carry specifications relating to size, design, colour combination and time of delivery.

Billboard & Pops

Bill board pops enhance the appeal and outlook of the advertising. Each billboard pops is made with durable material, and offers the assurance of durability in the face of strong winds and gushing rains. The strength of the billboards is tested for its quality to last long.

Some of the common billboard ads include billboard pops, pop danglers, Safe N Joy Stalls, Jumani Ice Cream Pop Danglers, Emtel Dangler Inflatable, Mosaic Pop Dangler, Chunks Pop Dangler and a variety of Pop Kiosks. We supply any quantity of Pop Dangers at short notice.

Pop Danglers are designed and sent to production as per the specifications provided by the clients. We deal in end to end bill board pops production and setting-up services. With us you are assured of 100% quality work execution at a competitive price and no frills service delivery.

Inflatable Sports Tunnels

Each sport has its fans and followers. Sports fans dream to watch their heros play. To overawe the fans and general public, the sporting authorities embellish the stadia and sports venues with banners and cut-outs of popular sports stars and legends of the game.

Toycoon Inflatables offers the best and durable sport inflatable banners that enhance and elate the sporting spirits of each sports fan. Each sport inflatable banner and arch over awe the public to excitement and enjoyment. Custom developed as per the occasion and event of sports, each sport inflatable and arch is made to last long and help to bring the sporting spirit in the right light.

We have designed, produced and delivered sports inflatable banners and arches of different sizes, colours and shades. Timely delivery and strong customization are unique to our inflatables. Enjoy sports greatly through our inflatable banners and arches.

New products

Research and continuous product innovation are the key to achieve customer satisfaction and sustain customer confidence. At Toycoon Inflatables the focus is on introducing new and innovative inflatable products, to drive complete value for the client’s business and build unparalleled recognition as part of the client’ branding initiatives.

You may be running a small business with local presence, or a corporate with international offices, Toycoon Inflatables helps you to leverage on inflatables branding. We have introduced a number of innovative and new products – Arches of all colours with all the brand elements; make shift tents and shelters, new product inflatables and mascots.