Toycoon Inflatables


One finds brand promoters making sensible use of inflatable costumes. The reasons are evident as good publicity, visibility and early acceptance of a product or service. Inflatable costumes are worn by sales staff, who usually stand in front of the business establishment or venue and attract customers to visit the place. Inflatable costumes are a big attraction for children and adults alike.

Toycoon Inflatables specializes in custom production of inflatable costumes. We take orders, and as per the clients’ requirements design, stitch and delivery the products at the door-step. Inflatable costumes go well with festive occasions and get-togethers, where they stand as the center of attraction for the host and the guests. Our range of inflatable costumes include, all shapes of birds, vegetables, planes, bottles, cans, fruits etc

Let us know your requirement for inflatable advertising. We can sure help you by providing custom inflatable advertising solutions as per your business, trade and service. We assure 100 percent visibility to your business and service.